Adult and Family Ministries


Ladies Ministry


At CLC, ladies of all ages are invited into a community of fellowship with each other through a variety of gatherings, both spiritual and social.  Whether you attend one of our local Ladies Ministry events or regional Ladies Retreats, or offer your time and effort in staffing an event, you will be blessed.  Fellowshipping with other Godly women, for any purpose, will enrich your LIFE


Men’s Ministry


Men’s Ministry coordinates a variety of spiritual and social functions throughout the year for the purpose of building a sense of comradery amongst the men, both young and not-so-young,  Men’s Ministry also coordinates work days throughout the year for special projects and yearly up-keep on the church campus.  Proverbs 22:17 says, “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”.  The Men’s Ministry is committed to building Godly relationships between the men of CLC.  Don’t miss out!


Family Ministry

The Family Ministry coordinates several social and spiritual events throughout the year that serve to encourage and strengthen the family unit: family bowling/skating nights, camping trips, and our annual Family Fall Fest, to name a few.  Don’t let your family miss out on the opportunity to participate in good food, good fellowship, and good fun with the families of CLC. 

  July 2018  
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