Hyphen Student Coordinator

Stephanie Clark

Stephanie has been helping in ministry since she was 10 years old.  She started out as a secretary for a Sunday School class. Eventually she was teaching her own Sunday School; she has taught both the 5 year old class and also the 3 year old class. In 2013, Stephanie got involved in bus ministry. She visited the children and their families on a weekly basis, and picked them up for Sunday School.

In 2015, Stephanie began working with the youth at CLC. She taught youth classes, took them to conferences, had youth outings, and spent time investing in their futures.

 Currently Stephanie is the Hyphen Student Coordinator at CLC. This group includes our college and career group and is for singles who are 18-30 years of age. 

Stephanie started with 3 year olds and has gradually graduated, now to the hyphen. While her Husband has yet to be determined. She has future aspirations of leading the young marrieds group with her  future husband. 

  July 2018  
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