Steven and Alicia Brown

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Steven was born and raised in Southern Indiana, being a 3rd Generational Apostolic Pentecostal. He attended his grandfathers church and began his ministry where he recieved the Holy Ghost as a young boy. He attended College 2001-2002  and later began evangelizing from 2002-2004. He then accepted an opportunity and moved to North Carolina to assist in various ministries of a Church. It was here where he met and married his wife Alicia. She was born and raised in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Being a 5th Generational Apostolic Pentecostal. She has attended her grandfathers and later her fathers church. Throughout the years she has been a Sunday School teacher, secretary, church keyboard player, ladies ministry leader and home school teacher. Of these many responsibilites the greatest responsibility she has is being the mother of their four beautiful children: Shaelin (16) Emery (14) Madilyn (8) Deacon (7) Pastor Steven and Alicia plan to remain in Muscatine, IA to develope and grow Christian Life Church for the future geneartions of this community.

 They have a deep love for family, community and the church.They desire to see each person they come in contact with grow in the knowledge of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  July 2018  
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